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9 ways how to wear bright trousers

by womenbabe

Wear bright pants-pipe pants with something in the style of shape. Do not be afraid to combine bright pants-pipe pants with a classic jacket in the style of school or marine military uniforms fashionable this season. Orange or coral -colored jeans will look delightful with jackets of dark blue, white, yellow color. Try red pants with a pink top. Combine intensively red pants with other bright colors, such as burning pink: the effect will be amazing, which, incidentally, can also be achieved using yellow or orange top. Mix bright pants with prints. Want to wear something no less screaming, but at the same time fashionable as bright trousers? Try a bright print blouse. This combination will be simply irresistible. Combine bright pants with yellow color. Yellow has long been well combined with almost any bright color, from saturated pink to red and cobalt. You can wear either a bright top to enhance the color effect, or add a bright yellow accessory in the form of a bag or shoes. Combine yellow pants with white. You will never be mistaken if you wear bright trousers with a white top, reports

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