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Tips for washing the down products what to pay attention to

by womenbabe

Pubne is usually erased manually so as not to spoil the appearance of the product. But such washing takes a lot of time and effort. Are there any ways to wash down products in a washing machine so that they do not deteriorate?

Contrary to public opinion, the down products can be washed in an ordinary washing machine, but the washing mode should be chosen by a delicate. The water temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees, it is advisable to add an effective tool for washing down products when washing, for example, a liquid concentrate, in addition to the main powder. Before sending a down product to the washing, you should fasten the buttons and lightning on it. Otherwise, the lightning canvas may be deformed, which will subsequently affect the quality of fastening. If the buttons are not fastened, the places where they are sewn may be deformed. Thus, the material can be pursued prematurely, however, like the appearance of the product. Before sending to washing, the product should be turned inside out.

If we are talking about such a product, for example, as a down jacket, then after the first washing it needs to be rinsed twice, because dust falls into the product, it, in turn, can leave stains on the product if it was rinsed only once. After washing, the product is difficult to rinse, since it remains particles of powder and fluff, so it is recommended to rinse the down jacket twice or even three times.

A number of manufacturers recommends to buy special tennis balls for washing. Together with a jacket, three or four such balls are sent to the car. Когда начинается стирка, шарики не дают пуху образовать комки и как следует его взбивают.

After washing, the down product will be difficult to squeeze yourself, so it is better to squeeze it in the car, but at low speeds. Even for rinsing, you can use the same tennis balls. You can dry the down product in the car or at the heat source. During the drying process, the down product should be beaten periodically so that the fluff does not form lumps.

But frequent mechanical exposure can adversely affect the state of the down product.

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