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Aesthetic medicine step forward

by womenbabe

Science in the modern world develops seven -mimic steps and amazing pace. Innovations penetrate into all spheres of public life, becoming a determining factor in the development and functioning of all the components of a person’s life: communication, work, rest, and so on.

Aesthetic medicine, however, can hardly be attributed to the recent inventions of mankind, although its current state and the scale of the tasks solved are without a doubt, impressive. Aesthetic medicine appeared even in ancient times, manifesting in the artificial correction of human appearance in accordance with the canons of the beautiful. For example, in China since ancient times it was customary to wear girls in wooden shoes: so that the foot did not grow and remain a small. Today, aesthetic medicine has reached completely new heights, but pursues the same goals: making humanity more beautiful.

For example, a fraxel apparatus. Fraxel – laser grinding of a face that removes all the bumps and other flaws of the skin. Moreover, it does this absolutely painlessly, and the rehabilitation period is the real trifles in comparison with the long -term rehabilitation after a more outdated equipment used in previous years. After the shortest time after the procedure, a person can return to the usual way of life. Moreover, the result is achieved after the first session, and several procedures achieve a complete change in the damaged area. This is achieved thanks to photothermolysis: the fraxel affects the neighboring cages, forcing them to actively produce collagen and other proteins.

Another ultra -modern achievement of hardware aesthetic medicine is alter lifting. Ulthera is the first apparatus for rejuvenation of a face that can give a hundred points of the handicap to surgical lifting. The latter led to very unpleasant consequences (in addition to the very need to go to the operating table) in the form of prolonged rehabilitation and pain of the operation. Alter is devoid of all these minuses, moreover, it is absolutely safe: unlike other similar devices, Alter does not affect the upper protective layer of the skin, acting directly on the muscles of the face.

However, despite all the achievements of medicine, one must not forget about the traditional ways of caring for their appearance. Yoga and Pilates in the Donetsk sports club will help a person look physically attractive and internally confident in himself, these gymnastic procedures tone muscles, prevent stress and improve control of their own body. In addition, yoga and Pilates take very little time: only about an hour a day.

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