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Baked pork cutlets in the oven the best tips for you!

by womenbabe

Cutlets love everything, this is the choice of both children and adults. Delicious fried cutlets cause delight and delight the eye. But there is not everyone’s fried, due to the negative effect on the stomach. Therefore, a woman taking care of the quality and benefits of food will sooner or later become interested in the question – how to cook cutlets in the oven?

What a good oven is?

Cutlets that were prepared in the oven are less fat than fried in a pan. They are more juicy, without the smell of overflowing oil, and baked the same in the entire thickness.

Such cutlets can be attributed to the category of dietary. A delicious fried crust gives special piquancy baked in the oven in the oven. Many are afraid to cook in the oven, and in vain – cutlets in the oven is much easier to cook than it might seem at first glance!

You can cook cutlets in the oven not only for dietary considerations, but also in order to diversify the usual menu. The minced meat for such cutlets can be chosen any. Pork minced meat cutlets are one of the best options, we will consider it more details.

Pork cutlets baked in the oven

First you need to decide on the recipe for the future dish. The ingredients for making pork cutlets are the same as when cooking from any other meat minced meat. So what is part of:

– pork minced meat – 0.6 kg;

– Onions – 0.3 kg;

– chicken egg – 1 piece;

– White bread – 1 \ 3 batons;

– Salt and spices.

For the preparation of pork, you can buy minced meat in a store or twist pork on a meat grinder yourself. For baking in the oven in the minced meat, you need to add onions, must be twisted on a meat grinder. It will be better not to be lazy and twice twice. With bread, you need to do the same – twist on a meat grinder several times, but before that, soak it in water, and preferably in milk. After that, drive the egg and add spices to taste.

It should be noted that for a more interesting taste to the minced meat, you can add chopped parsley. The minced meat is recommended to knead very thoroughly, the longer, the better.

After the minced meat is ready, rounded cakes are formed from it. The shape and size can be varying at will. Prepared cakes are laid out on a baking sheet and placed in an already preheated oven. The recommended temperature in this case is about 220 degrees. Cooking time will be about 45 minutes.

It is advisable to serve such juicy and ruddy cutlets on the table hot with sour cream or sauce, greens and vegetables.

And in order for lunch to succeed in glory, you need to choose the right dessert after such a tasty and calorie dish. This is also recipes for delicious desserts that can please loved ones!

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