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Dream during pregnancy – causes of discharge

by womenbabe

Dream during pregnancy is discharge from the genital tract in small quantities, from almost colorless to brown. This pathology is found in every fifth woman who bears a child. In some situations, this is the norm, in some-pathology. We learn about the reasons for the appearance of the Summer Read more.

Dream during pregnancy: Causes


About a week before the alleged menstruation, a woman can notice a pink daub, which after a day must stop. These discharge are associated with the attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterine wall and are called implantation bleeding. There is no threat to either mother or baby.

Hormonal background

During pregnancy, he suffers big changes. A small amount of abdication in the form of a bit with a drop of blood can occur in those days when there should be menstruation on the schedule. This condition is not dangerous, but it is still worth reducing physical activity.

Debred pregnancy

Very often, the daub in the early stages of pregnancy indicates the fruit fading. At a period of up to 5 weeks, the fetus can go on his own, and the failed mother will accept this process simply for the next menstruation with a slight delay (if a test or ultrasound was not carried out). At later stages, cleaning of the uterine cavity will be required.


With an increase in the hormone of pregnancy, which is not a deviation, the appearance of a smears in the early stages is possible.

Detachment of a fetal egg or placenta

In this case, the discharge appears due to blood accumulation at the detachment site, followed by its release. If the pathology is insignificant, then it does not pose a particular danger, but when there was a detachment of more than 2/3 of the part, there is a risk of miscarriage. So that this does not happen when the perception or blood drops appear, you need to urgently consult a doctor, and it is better to call an ambulance.

Ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy can pose a threat not only to the health of a woman, but also to her life. Therefore, you need to urgently contact a gynecologist and make an ultrasound that will show whether there is a fruit egg in the uterine cavity or it was attached in a uterine pipe, abdominal cavity or ovary. If you miss the moment, the organ in which the egg was attached may break. The consequences of this are very serious.


If the bright daub during pregnancy has a plentiful smell and purulent mucus, then we can assume about the presence in the body of a woman of sexual infections, which are accompanied by burning, itching and pain in the genital area.

Cervical erosion

This is a very common reason that causes this pathology. Dream during pregnancy may appear after sexual intercourse or inspection on a gynecological chair. There is no danger, so treatment can be postponed for the period after childbirth.

Low placentarium

She can also cause a manner during pregnancy. If a woman knows about this diagnosis and she has discharge from the genital tract, then you should not be particularly worried, but calling a doctor will not hurt.

As a result

If during pregnancy there is a daub from light to scarlet color, then the expectant mother needs to seek a gynecologist for advice. In the case when this pathology is accompanied by pain in the abdomen and a general deterioration of condition, an ambulance is necessary.

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