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Features of a male nature

by womenbabe

Not a single person knows the truth about men, but almost half of the women are ready to report something like that about them. Who is angry with the fact that men sow discord, humiliate various female advantages, play the fate of millions, he himself is also not without a sinful spot.

It turns out that evil in men sees only one who, first of all, sees the same inside himself. Try to concentrate and feel it, then you are aware of the truth.

In fact, without men it is impossible earthly being, as well as its development. No lady can be as smart as a man, since a man was created to make a material world, and the young lady is spiritual. Women, do not try to prove to the whole world that you are men! Try to understand that a man is a great value. Each sincerely and selflessly loving girl will be happy, because she has a good support. This does not mean that men are excellent, and women are terrible. Men are also obliged to work a lot on themselves, but in this post we describe only their advantages.

Let us, at least, will analyze the destructive habit, most often leading women to the discontent: alcoholism. This ailment allowed to think about men that they were worthless and irresponsible. And above all, of course, they begin to blame them. The problem, in reality, lies much deeper, namely, in a woman. Let’s pay our attention to the fellow traveler of the life of a certain man and we will note that the endless female indignations, as well as dissatisfaction, leaves him no other choice, besides how to hide his misfortune in a bottle.

Girls, girls, ladies and women! It only depends on you how the strong floor will become. Start with yourself, release mass, shameful complexes, open a heart for bright, disinterested love, and no man dares to say: “stupid”. Not a man’s hand even rises to touch you, and stop proved the equality of sexes to the whole world, due to the fact that no one needs it, even you.

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