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Features of Indian culture and rules of behavior in society

by marusia

India is an amazing country with a rich history and culture, which is replete with many traditions and customs. For many tourists who come here, some of these traditions may seem unexpected and even strange.

While many of us are aware of taboos such as respecting cows and avoiding drinking tap water, there are a number of other local customs that we should be aware of in order to respect local ethics and respect for culture.

Leave the shorts for Europe

India is a land of contrasts, where ancient traditions coexist with modernity. This corner of Asia attracts many travelers with its exotic national flavor, picturesque landscapes and ancient temples. However, in an effort to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of this country, many tourists forget to take into account local cultural characteristics regarding clothing.

In the West, the freedom to choose your clothing style in hot weather often means light shorts, open tank tops or miniskirts. This is understandable, because such clothing provides comfort in the heat.

But when coming to India, you should remember that for many of its residents, clothing is not just a practical necessity, but also a way to express their respect for traditions, religion and others.

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