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First step in first grade

by womenbabe

The most important thing during the period of schooling of your child is psychological support. The psychological and moral readiness of the baby for school is necessary, as for the new stage of his life.

The main task of the parents is the desire of the child to learn, to know the new.    Your participation in the child’s school life, your genuine interest in events will positively affect the development of your child’s abilities. Every day, meeting a child from school, be interested in news and events that occurred at his school. If he has problems, tell him how to deal with them. Try to restrain yourself and do not scold teachers or school in the presence of your child.

Never compare your child with his classmates, even if they are very pretty to you. Explain to the child that you will always love him as he is. Respect his personality and individuality. Teach and support him in communication with peers. It is very important that your baby has friends in a new team.

If you really want to educate independence in your child, do not rush to immediately offer him your help. Let him try to solve the problem, and feel his strength.

Treat with understanding of your baby’s failures.   Something the first-grader will turn out the first time, but something is not. Stock up with great patience. Do not show him your irritation. Try to clearly and intelligibly explain everything that is not clear to him, even if you have to repeat it several times. It is very good if your child in the first year of his studies feels your support. Only faith in his success, even and calm attitude will support the child and help to cope with difficulties.

Do not forget to praise your child for his successes. Explain that this is quite natural, because he worked so much for this. Teach your baby to measure your strength

So, only your constant support, sincere faith in the child, as well as in his success, will be able to help him in overcoming all difficulties and obstacles.

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