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How the environment affects the skin

by womenbabe

The environment surrounding us is a key factor in maintaining the health of our skin. And most skin problems begin due to the content of a large number of stimuli in the air, such as automobile emissions and smoke of their chemical plants.  And these factors are the most problematic in maintaining a healthy state of our skin for more than twenty years.  Numerous studies confirm that the contaminated environment can cause reactions in the skin, which modify the process of its regeneration.

The sun also causes a lot of harm to our skin. Every year the planet is becoming hotter, and there is much more outbreaks in the sun than a few years ago. And this affects the appearance of new severe cases of skin cancer.

When you begin to think about skin problems, such as dry and cracked skin (or even eczema), caused by severe winter weather, you understand that your skin is under fire of various environmental factors for a whole year, transfers for a whole year, reports

Try to enrich your nutrition with foods that are useful for maintaining a good condition of the skin, such as fish, milk, spinach, blueberries, because they have a lot of vitamin D and e body necessary for our body. These vitamins really have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, namely, improve its tone and bring moisture. Also eat products that deliver minerals and fatty oils necessary for a healthy skin texture to the body. Dairy products and some nuts, such as almonds, are just the same.  

And most importantly – carefully treat daily care products. Moisturizing foods are vital to prevent cracks, and lotions containing SPF protection factors will help you avoid the pernicious effect of sunlight. And remember that even the smallest actions in the field of protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the environment can radically change your skin and make it even more healthy.

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