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How to accustom a child to parting for the time of stay in the kindergarten

by womenbabe

Experiences about parting is a science that every small child should master at a certain age. Most often this happens in a year, but can manifest itself earlier. The procedure of teaching to separation itself is a rather complicated process at first. You can experience guilt and worry about this yourself, the only difference is that you will not show your feelings so noisy.   Children, depending on age, are able to evaluate the measure of the presence of an object. Here is the simplest example: your baby suddenly began to understand that even when the ball runs out into the street, and he cannot see it, the dog still exists and returns home.  This usually happens when the child is 6 months old.  You probably noticed how your baby is happy to throw out different things out of the stroller only so that you lift them, and he was able to discard all this again. So, after some time, the baby projects the concept of the presence of the object on you, parents.   Your child already understands that even when you leave the room, you still exist, so they will demand your return immediately! Unlike the concept of the presence of an object, children absolutely do not have the concept of time. To everything, children do not understand your words, and they will not be able to understand that you will return.  And if you need to leave, and your baby sees it, he will begin to scream and cry to return you. For the parent, this, of course, is not an easy test, to leave a screaming child, and their desperate eyes and mournful snippings are already a sufficient occasion to postpone all their plans. We bring to your attention a few tips on how to learn to cope with parting if you need to leave the child in kindergarten. Try first to go there with your child for a while, all the time speak with him affectionately, setting up on a calm and pleasant pastime. Give the child the opportunity to get used to educators and find a common language. A couple of times go out to the toilet room, thereby demonstrating to the child that you are leaving, but always return. If you yourself are very worried about parting, try not to show this to the baby. Otherwise, you risk pouring oil into the fire. At first, look into your child for a couple of minutes. As soon as he gets used to the teacher, kiss the baby and leave, as when you went to the toilet room. Do not turn farewell into a long procedure, otherwise the child will suspect that something is wrong. Also do not try to hide quietly and leave the baby without a kiss or hug. This will upset the child even more. And if your child is still constantly crying, then each time it is not worth returning and comforting him, it still will not solve the problem. When you return, be sure to hug and kiss the baby, stay for a few minutes in the kindergarten, showing it that you are in no hurry to leave, because the atmosphere there is friendly and pleasant.  

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