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How to avoid splitting hair?

by womenbabe

Beautiful and healthy hair – decoration of any girl.   And in your power to have this jewelry. Many girls are tormented by the problem of split hair. If you noticed such a problem, then start drinking more water, it moisturizes your hair.   No juices and cocktails will replace pure water. Take the rule of the rule to drink 1-2 liters of water per day. Never comb or tie your wet hair, with this you will injure them.

Tight “horse tails” is also the enemy of our beauty, change your hairstyle constantly, then you will be interesting and different every day. When the hair is split, it is important to choose the right shampoo and balm. Shampoos for dry and string hair in their composition Lecithin and Lanolin. Refuse the means “2 in 1”, silicones that make up such shampoos dry the hair. And this is not for us!

After washing your hair, apply balm to the ends without washing it to the end.

Dry and break down our hair with styling products (varnishes, mousses, foams) and shampoos, which include alcohol. Pay attention to the composition when buying!   Minimize hair drying with hot air, the best drying way is natural.   But, if the hair dryer cannot be avoided, then first let your hair dry yourself, it is also advisable to use cold blowing.

Pay attention to your lifestyle and then the hair will thank you with a healthy shine!

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