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How to conquer the girl? Read our recommendations

by womenbabe

Seducing the girl in our time is not so easy. But do not forget that girls love with ears, and if you make many pleasant compliments, let her know that she is the most beloved and desirable, she will be yours. At the beginning of the relationship, the girl is best distracted by traveling out of town in your car, and even better in a beautiful unforgettable place where you can retire, and there no one can prevent you from stealing her heart. But do not forget to change the tire security. And if necessary, the lowest tire prices you will find in MVO. ru. Dinner in a romantic place, Martini, fruit views of the moon and pleasant music. You can go to the Carpathians on the weekend. On a huge SUV, climb to the top, take off a small house with a fireplace and sit near him with a cold winter evening – real romance. Or maybe just in Yalta, or better in Balaklava, in a word where there is unforgettable beauty. Night, seagulls, music, moon and she is so beautiful… Take yourself the following compliments that can simply be sent by SMS at night, and falling asleep, she will think about you – this will conquer her heart. Or just repeat them more often, and it melts. – My gold (princess, my temptation, happiness, beautiful, beloved), you are lovely. Miss you. – I can no longer fall asleep without your sweet smell. – You are my sweetheart. I miss madly. – I am like a hypnosis, I think only about you. You are my drug, my delicate passion, my adrenaline…. Kiss. – I really want to see your beautiful smile nearby. – You are the sweetest, sweet. I envy myself. – If you are with me, the rest does not matter. I’m serious now. My heart is stopped and I will stop breathing if you are not there. – You are the best, beautiful, smart and beloved by me. – I really want you to be there always. You are my positive and my joy. – Good mine, I really miss you either.

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