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How to lose weight correctly

by womenbabe

This question is asked by every girl, absolutely every. It doesn’t matter how it looks, whether it is slender or complete, the girls always strive to be slimmer.   After all, most guys love slim and beautiful. Many people have a beautiful figure from birth, and someone was less fortunate and have to achieve these very ideals ourselves, which we so diligently dreaming…

But, I hasten to please you – this is possible. The path, of course, is not from simple. But you can start with the simplest exercises, and adhere to a certain graphics of eating food. Below, I will give you advice on proper nutrition, it is desirable that you follow them. After all, this is the first step to be slim and beautiful!

First. Go to all kinds of sports programs and spa procedures. Especially you should visit saunas in the spa elephants. All Moscow saunas offer many useful services and you should choose the closest to your goal. In the morning of each day, make a rule to make morning jogging.

Second.  During food, burn any food very carefully.   You know that in the count families it was customary to burn food at least 36 times? Do the same.

Third. Put your food on the smallest plate. This is a psychological technique, the food will be more than the plate itself. And therefore it will seem that you ate a lot. Thus, you will deceive your stomach, and you will not have a desire"Eat"A couple of hours.

Fourth. Chew gum. It is she who can satisfy your hunger. It is worth noting that chewing gum needs to chew tasteless, that is, without sugar. So that the saliva is not produced. Otherwise, your desire"There is", On the contrary, it worsens.

Fifth. Returning to the psychological technique again. Eat in small volumes, but often. Your stomach and mind will be deceived by the fact that you eat so often. You need to eat at least 5 times, but do not forget that in very small volumes.

Sixth. Eat more apples, great food, both for calming the nerves and for your stomach. Perfectly improves digestion.

That’s all! Finally, I want to say that a lot depends on your psychological mood. How you are configured. What result are you tuned, and you will get. Success!

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