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How to stay healthy during pregnancy

by womenbabe

During pregnancy, it is very important to remain healthy and happy, because all these sensations remain on the baby. Of course, women whose condition is already on the verge of pregnancy disruption lie in the hospital in support, where they are provided with constant supervision of doctors. But we will talk about women who at the right time visit a gynecologist and only sometimes they have health problems.

To remain healthy, it is necessary during pregnancy:

– Try to maintain your immunity at a sufficient level. And this means stop using a lot of detergents or to purchase toxic goods. They are everywhere, and you can buy them often often. These are cosmetics, personal hygiene products, clothes … Try to choose environmentally friendly food and things that surround you in everyday life.

Due to the regular use of toxic goods of the house, there may be miscarriage, low weight of newborns, congenital injuries, tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, increased incidence and reduction in life expectancy. Do not neglect so seemingly insignificant trifles on which your child’s life may depend.

This does not mean that you will have to throw out detergents from the house and fade into the past, just remove toxic chemistry from the house, but use natural and not toxic chemical products. To get acquainted in more detail with the harm of such goods, contact the Internet or purchase a book on such a topic.

– Obligatory need to do what love. And despite the fact that during pregnancy, not everything can be done, try to find something for yourself. It can be swimming in the pool or aquaerobika, knitting, walking in the park, changing the interior of the apartment or preparing a nursery.

– Rest during pregnancy is a neotemic component. It is especially relevant in the initial stages of bearing a child, because the body is not so easy to cope with the hormonal restructuring of the body. At the end of pregnancy, movement is needed, although it is already quite difficult to move, small physical activity is needed.

– Work on the soy of spirituality and the inner world. Meditation, your favorite music, dancing, and also do not forget about what you need to spread with the baby will help you with this. – The mood should be good for the child to feel good and be born healthy.

– Consult a doctor about eating, only he will be able to give you individual recommendations. Do not take medicine or vitamins yourself, only your doctor can determine what can be used in such an interesting position.

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