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How to turn a simple manicure into a real art

by womenbabe

Nail decoration – real art! Nogots can be decorated not only with color, but also with various drawings, sparkles, rhinestones. Some artists use female and male nails as a basis for their creations, depicting their paintings on them.

In general, the design of the nails in the conditions of the salon or at home is not so complicated. Using different materials, you can create a completely original manicure. If you contact AZ-KRASOTA. , then you can find a lot of useful and interesting tips on how to make nail design. In addition, here you can undergo training and get important knowledge in the field of manicure design and try to open your beauty salon. Experienced teachers will be able to submit information in a simple and visual form so that you can comprehend all the wisdom of manicure and nail design without any difficulties.

Since and how to decorate the nails?

The first in the list will be stickers. They can be bought at any store, they are inexpensive. Yes, and they are easily attached. The sticker is attached to pre -stained and dried nails and is fixed with the varnish fixer. Such a manicure will last 1-1.5 weeks for sure.

It will be a little more difficult to apply a pattern on the nails. It is better not to try to draw complex images on your nails in an inexperienced young lady, and simple patterns and stripes. Professionals in this case use special brushes and paints, and at home you can use a drawing varnish (sold in any store).

The process is not complicated with rhinestones, but it requires dexterity. With rhinestones you can add French, classic manicure, drawings. To do this, builds to purchase a special glue that comes with these rhinestones.

Pinzet is also required. A little glue is dripping on the rhinestone and is already attached to the nail with tweezers. You need to do it carefully so as not to “plow” glue on the nails.

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