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IVF last opportunity to conceive and give birth to a child

by womenbabe

Let’s talk briefly about the procedure. There probably is no such family that would not want to have their children.

For many, this turns out to be naturally, but some couples, for a number of reasons, cannot do it on their own and then the IVF procedure comes to the rescue. The essence of this method is to increase the number of eggs, fertilize them and return them to the uterus. Hormonal agents are used to increase the number of eggs, they contribute to their rapid division. Propagated eggs are connected to male sperm molecules, allowing embryos to form, which are then placed in a female body. Along the way, they carry out a cycle of treatment with medicines in order to maintain a nascent pregnancy. After two weeks from the date of the procedure, the blood is made to determine pregnancy. If the embryo is fixed in the body and the analysis was positive, then the drugs should be taken another 10 weeks. This is necessary to strengthen the placenta in the body of a woman.

Stages of Eco:

Negative regulation;

Increased superoviation;

Selection of eggs;

Eggs of eggs in the body;

Treatment with medicines;

Pregnancy test.

Negative regulation

Used to suspend the active phase of ovarian development. Usually for this purpose, special tablets are used. Suppression of activity is necessary in order to prevent early ovulation of eggs.

Stimulation of the soverelation of the egg

After the suppression of the activity of the eggs begins to enhanced stimulation, for this they introduce the FSH hormone, which is introduced by injection and you need to do this every day. The hormone stimulates the rapid development of the egg, allows you to ripen four other follicles. During the treatment, blood is taken, where an analysis for the content of estrogen in the blood is carried out. The process of supervision is carried out within 14 days, during which time the follicles manage to ripen. To preserve them, the hormone hormone is produced.

Embryos room in a woman’s body

On the fifth day of the procedures, eggs obtained during the superoviation period are planted in the mother’s body. If the procedure turned out to be unsuccessful, then the embryos can be frozen, and then again plant them into the body of a woman. For the success of the transplantation, a progesterone is prescribed, which is introduced intramuscularly, this helps the uterus relax and take follicles. In the clinics of Israel, Ava-Peter is up to 38- and years, 2 embryo are planted, and older ladies 4 eggs. Now you know how the IVF procedure takes place


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