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Men are more fixed on their own figure than women

by womenbabe

The recently conducted study claims that more and more men are worried about their own appearance (beer abdomen, male “breasts” or baldness) than women worry about how they look like.

So, four out of five representatives of the stronger sex (and this is about 80%) show anxiety about their body, its flaws and imperfections compared to 75% of women. And 38% of men are generally ready to sacrifice the whole year of their life in return for perfect forms.

The study also showed that most men fixed on their own figure are ready to exhaust themselves with training, strict diets, use laxative, diuretics, or even bring themselves to the sick state in the pursuit of a beautiful body. Thus, 18% of the stronger sex sat on a highly protein diet to increase muscle mass, and 16% controlled eaten calories to lose weight. At the same time, about 20% of men, on the contrary, refused to do anything, since their own body repelled all hunting for physical activity.

Among the respondents who participated in the study, among whom there were about a quarter of non -traditional orientation, accused the media and celebrities of unhealthy strengthening of attention to unrealistic ideals of physical beauty. After all, all the girls want to be slim, and men are muscular, the female online magazine reports

Scientists say that such results are exciting, but they are not amazing. In the modern world, the number of male plastic surgery has increased sharply, such as a change in the shape of the nose, the removal of excessive adipose tissue in the chest area, etc. D. That over the past 10 years, almost from a meager amount has turned into a huge industry of male beauty.  

So, dear ladies, do not be upset about your appearance too much. Look around, perhaps not far from you there is a man suffering from your forms even more.

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