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School or Lyceum? School … 1th lesson … 1 teacher ..

by womenbabe

What colossal changes in the lives of children occur at this time. But no less responsible for the beginning of training and caring parents.

Before the kids still had time to finish their 1st class, and some mothers are already planning, in which university they would give them up so as not to lose, and work so that good then. It was especially popular today to give his children to study abroad, namely in Austria.

But having chosen Austria, the question faces them for training: and where it is better to give a future genius: to a regular school or a specialized? And what is known about elite lyceums, gymnasiums? They focus on a special type of “analysts” children. Such children have a mobile mind, are able to analyze and draw their own conclusions on the basis of some data. After learning a child at such a school, quite often they go to the University of Vienna, which also increases their social status and makes it possible to get a job in the same country.

At the same time, foreign psychologists identified not one or two, but as many as seven educational styles. For example, “kinesthetics”, which are easier to perceive information without sitting motionless at a desk, but in movement, on a role -playing game. It is unlikely that in our school such a student will be distinguished as the most time, but his abilities can be much higher than those who are capable of a long motionless seat and diligent cramping.

Of course, everyone wants to give their child the best education. But here the most important thing is not to harm the psyche of the child and his health. Before you go to Austria with a child for an interviewing super -elite gymnasium, study its program, consult with familiar teachers and try to evaluate sensibly and not biased, whether the possibility of your beloved child is consistent with the chosen educational institution.

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