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Superstition and practicality

by womenbabe

Mirror is one of the most popular items in interior design. It can not hang the room without many efforts and make it brighter. But for this you need to choose a mirror according to all the rules.

The bedroom is primarily a resting place. According to popular signs, a reflection of a sleeping person in the mirror is considered a bad sign. In addition, multiple reflections irritate the human brain that does not benefit rest.

If you believe in signs, then you need to know about all signs in more detail. Among all, there will be many situations when everything can be attributed to signs for happiness, that will raise your mood. After all, any such sign inspires confidence in business if you are worried.

In the children’s room, it is not recommended to hang mirrors if the child’s age has not reached one year. In a different situation, the presence of a mirror is welcome, since the child will be able to overcome the fear of reflection and will develop his logical abilities.

In the bathroom, no signs prohibit hanging mirrors in unlimited quantities. It is especially successful and practical if it is above the sink. The decision on the number of mirrors in the bathroom should be taken by the hostess, because with a large number of mirrors some difficulties in cleaning the room may occur.

The mirrors on the ceiling visually increase and lengthen the walls, make the room a magical and fabulous. A large mirror on the wall expands the room. This feature will look great in small apartments. The mirror installed opposite the window will make the dark and gloomy room bright and sunny.

It is worth remembering that when buying a mirror, it is necessary to carefully examine its surface: the presence of scratches, cracks or any chips is contraindicated. The mirror should fully reflect the body, and not only some of its parts. It should also be taken into account when installing a mirror in the apartment. It should not hang too low or too high, a person should reflect in it in full height.

The ancient doctrine of the correct arrangement of Feng Shui items states that you should not install a mirror opposite the front door. According to legend, for this reason all the positive energy of the apartment may leave.

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