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The most dangerous places for sex in your home

by womenbabe

Scientists conducted interesting observations on injuries obtained in a fit of love passion and revealed that the third of the adult population of Great Britain has an intensity of emotions during sex so great that partners receive serious injuries, which often noticed only after making love.

Indeed, you can only envy such a courage in which broken fingers and ribs, dislocated joints and all kinds of bruises remain inconspicuous in the process. At the same time, 5% of the victims need to take sick leave.  

According to statistics, the largest amount of love injuries occurs during sex on a seemingly completely harmless sofa.

To the great regret of lovers, it is on him that heavy book shelves and other injuring objects are overturned.

Such extreme places for sex like a railing, steps, etc. D. also represent a serious danger of injury.  

Third place in such a piquant set is occupied by couples who have received injuries when falling from the bed.   Thus, it is best to use chairs, kitchen and office cabinets, a toilet and other places that pose the least threat to health during uncontrolled gusts of passion. According to the same statistics, the safest for sex is the washing machine.

Scientists of Russia did not engage in such statistics, however, according to sexologists, fractures during sexual passions are extremely rare, and possible bruises and hematomas do not require medical care.

Nevertheless, quite often from fright or overexcitation, the partner comes vaginism – muscle spasm in the front of the vagina, as a result of which the man is “clamped”. The penis in a pierced state swells and feels severe pain. The duration of spasm can reach 4-5 hours. In such cases, couples somehow get to the phone and call an ambulance. If possible, you need to move to the bathroom. Cold water in such cases acts on the muscles relaxing.

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