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Wedding Lifefield What do we know about traditions and etiquette

by womenbabe

The engagement is a tradition that has a long history … Currently, many neglect this tradition, informing parents of their intention to marry or immediately about the wedding day.

However, the young man will show himself prudent, if you make sure that not only the girl herself, but her parents also want to be related to him. Let’s talk about how it was customary to make an offer earlier. The rules of good tone in this event are relevant and currently. So, with a proposal, the young man turns to the girl’s father. After receiving the consent from the bride, families need to get acquainted.       If the parents of the bride and groom are not familiar with the parents of the groom, then the groom’s parents do not know, then you should pay a visit for dating. The return visit is made in three days.

The clothes should be elegant, and the dress of the bride is necessarily bright. To choose the most suitable, you can use the services of Moscow wedding salons, where you will be helped to choose any dresses and shoes, whether it be a wedding dress or an evening dress. Another scenario if young parents live in different cities. In this case, the groom’s mother writes a letter to the future daughter -in -law of the desire to see the chosen one as a member of the family (you can currently be by phone, but you must agree, it will remain beautiful for the history of the family). The answer from the daughter -in -law to the mother of the future husband should follow immediately, with an expression of a sense of respect and gratitude.

The engagement takes place in the house of the bride’s parents, on which only close relatives are present. The next day, the groom’s parents meet the bride with her parents.

After that, the engagement visits relatives with whom they are not yet familiar. Gifts to the wedding do not have special gift rules. In this case, one general rule should be remembered – each side should know which gift is most suitable and the least obligates. It is usually not customary to give dresses and items toilets.

After the proposal is accepted, families notify relatives and acquaintances about the upcoming marriage.

The rules of good tone indicate that to answer such a message is a congratulation, regardless of the attitude to this marriage.

And what to do if the wedding is upset? It is customary to return the gifts, while the rules of decency oblige to do this, first of all, by whose fault there was a rupture of relations.

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