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What to put on a job

by womenbabe

Choosing clothes for an office does not mean a rejection of your own style. Your main task is to choose a professional image, regardless of your position. Style, color length and size of your wardrobe will tell you about your ability to work. If you seriously think about your career, you will try to look more professional than cute or fashionable. The main rule of the business style is that the more the outfit or decoration has a distracting look, the less suitable for the office. The color of clothing plays a huge role in a professional image. Traditional career colors are red (aggressive), dark blue (confidential), gray (conservative) and black (exquisite). Most of these colors look great in trouser suits, skirts and shoes. They can also be combined with softer feminine colors, such as light blue, lilac, soft pink and ivory color. Screaming colors, like bright pink and wild patterns, is quite risky to wear in the office, but using creativity, you can also submit them in a winning tone. Ringing jewelry (many bracelets, massive earrings) distract. Choose groove earrings and single bracelets. Fessile bags look ridiculous. Give preference to more structural models to form an organized image. The basis of a professional image are details: well -groomed nails, beautiful manicure, neat hair, beautiful gait. Clothing should sit perfectly. Pants must be adjusted to your height, given the height of the heel. Skirts, especially pencil skirts, should be free enough to be comfortable in them. The jacket should fasten and do not puff at the same time. And blouses should not diverge between buttons. Designer labels are very cool, but the oversaturated logo clothes and accessories look quite frivolous at the workplace. A small design handbag is suitable, but a coat-trench with visible logo is ridiculous. Choose well -sewn clothing items on which there are no visible elements of design work. And never dress to work, otherwise you risk breaking your career to fluffs: · too sexy: transparent blouses, mini skirts, summer short dresses, open spill sandals. · Too everyday: jeans, shorts, t -shirts, hats, sneakers. · Too sloppy: rumpled clothes, too many layers, baggy outfits.

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