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Why visit a dentist regularly?

by womenbabe

Some people ignore the fact that the dentist needs to be visited not only with toothache, but also regularly for a preventive examination. Why is it so important to visit a dentist?

Of course, regular tooth brushing is a very important procedure that will help keep your teeth in good condition. Indeed, during this procedure, food remnants are removed from the teeth and interdental spaces, which are sources of the formation of harmful bacteria that contribute to the appearance of plaque and, as a result, tooth stone. But in order to be 100% confident in the health of your teeth, one brushing is not enough. It is necessary to visit such a place as a dental clinic, because it is practically not possible to recognize caries in the initial stage, and its causes can become not only the above bacteria, but also disorders in the body, for example, in the metabolism.

It is worth noting that the poor condition of the teeth is not only toothache and the risk of losing teeth, it affects the health of the body as a whole, neglected tooth diseases can lead to unexpected, very deplorable consequences, for example, heart disease. That is why it is so dangerous to ignore the prevention of dental diseases, as well as the oral cavity.

The frequency with which you need to visit the dentist depends on the condition of the teeth. If there are no disturbing symptoms, then it is enough to conduct an examination 2 times a year, if there are diseases of the oral cavity (periodontitis, gingivitis, etc. D.) the reception should be repeated after 2-3 months.

The preventive dental technique consists of an examination of the oral cavity, in addition, if necessary, the doctor can direct the patient to an X -ray. After these procedures, the dentist gives recommendations for the care of the teeth and the oral cavity, and also prescribes treatment if any problems are found during the inspection.

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