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Why women are cheating?

by womenbabe

The guys are polygamous by nature, and women in most cases are devoted to one, but unfortunately, not always their beloved man. However, many married women cheat on their second halves. They try to hide it even from the closest friends. Due to the fact that society is normally treated only to the adultery of a man, the female has a fear that they will not understand. But most of all they are afraid that the family will learn about it. Analysts of the women’s portal Top-Women. ru distinguish several categories of women who are most often inclined to treason. 1. Young wives many ladies get married at 17-18 years old, and at the same time have experience with only one man. When everyday life begins to become bored, and sex is no longer so enchanting – the girl begins to look for new entertainment on the side. 2. Emergency learning that the husband has changed, women of this type do not outlook the scandals and do not submit for divorce, but they themselves begin to look for a lover for themselves. In most cases, these adventures do not continue for a very long time – the ladies after they revenge them to return to the family. 3. Nymphomaniacs many of the women are already born hyperactive. This could be observed in childhood. The kids could not sit still, and constantly tried to spend more time with the boys. Over time, entering into an intimate relationship with the opposite sex, the girls began to understand that without orgasm they could not live a day. 4. Having read romantic women in their youth, many books and watching a bunch of series, women have images of the most beloved men in their memory.

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