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Dolphinium, in fact, has several more names – darling and spad. He is a typical representative of the Lyutikov family. The main feature of the dolphinium is its ability to grow in completely different climatic zones, so it is common around the world.

The variety of dolphiniums consists of 350 species, among which there are annuals, biennials and perennials. Dolphinium Plant powerful and high – from 0. 9 m to 2. 5 m, with large colors

about 7 cm in diameter. Flowers are terry type and simple, in color, dolphiniums of lilac, white, pink, purple and blue are distinguished.

Gardeners and florists divide dolphiniums into groups and varieties that differ from each other in color, terry and height. One of the most popular groups of delphinium varieties is Pacific. She was bred by the American botanist f. Reineld, who crossed the large -flowered dolphinium and high dolphinium. Therefore, all Pacific dolphiniums grow up to 1. 8 m and bloom with terry or semi -double colors of any characteristic color, except for white.

Another group of dolphiniums – Marfin hybrids. She was brought out by the Soviet breeder n. AND. Malyutin. Dolphiniums of this group of varieties can grow up to 2. 2 m with very magnificent, multi -flowered inflorescences. Marfin hybrids are the main competitors of the Pacific Dolphiniums, especially since they are much more resistant to typical diseases than their relatives of American selection.

Another group is called Belladonna. She first appeared in the 19th century. Her ancestors were the same varieties of dolphiniums as in the first two cases. But in terms of external characteristics of the plant of the Belladonna varieties, they are very different from them: the height does not exceed 1. 5 m, all flowers are considerable and, for the most part, blue or blue, it is rarely possible to find white; Their germination and resistance to diseases is several times worse than that of representatives of previous groups.

Flowers, of course, deserve to be interested in, recognize and enjoy them, admiring them. Therefore, try to delight yourself as often as possible and, especially your loved ones with such affordable and pleasant trifles as a bouquet of flowers!

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