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How to care for different curtain fabrics and tips

by marusia

Hand wash only! Under no circumstances should you squeeze it in the machine! Dry unfolded, spread on a horizontal surface! We don’t know about you, but we’re already scared.

We invite you to figure out together whether caring for curtains is really that difficult or whether everything is much simpler.

Basic care rules for all types of curtain fabrics

Let’s start with general care recommendations that apply to all types of curtains, regardless of what fabric they are made from.

It is recommended to wash (dry clean) curtains 1-2 times a year. Between washes, dry clean approximately once a month – textiles can be vacuumed or removed and gently shaken outside.

Be sure to carry out the same procedure before washing and under no circumstances put dusty curtains in the drum.

Make it a rule to wash all window textiles in a bag. This way there is less risk of damaging the fabric. The drum should be filled no more than 50%.

If you don’t know the exact composition of the fabric, use a delicate mode with a water temperature no higher than 30 ° C and spin at low speeds.

Use only liquid detergents for washing curtains and curtains. Dry powders are less rinsable and then react with sunlight to destroy the fibers.

You need to rinse the curtains at least 2 times so that no chemicals remain in the fabric.

When washing in a machine, spin textiles at low speeds (no higher than 400 rpm) or use the “No spin” mode.

It is best to dry curtains straightened and not in the sun.

Drape fabrics should be ironed from the inside out, slightly damp.

Modern curtain fabrics are easier to care for than it was 20 or 30 years ago. Firstly, materials consisting of 100% natural threads are now rarely used. They add artificial fibers that prevent shrinkage, stretching, and fading of the fabric. Secondly, modern washing machines have gentle washing modes that are as delicate as hand washing.

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