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What products to buy children?

by womenbabe

Every parent dreams that their children are always the most healthy and happy. Proper nutrition plays a very big role in this. How to choose the right products? That you definitely need to buy, and what is better to refuse? Analysts of the portal Top-Women. ru will try to answer these questions.

1.          Regardless of age, the child must be consumed by fermented milk products. Since it flows from milk of many children, it is better to give preference to low -fat baked milk or kefir. It is advisable not to add sugar, because it leads to the “fermentation” process in the intestines.

2.          Meat is mandatory in the diet. Try to cook the ego so that your child does not neglect them.

3.          For lovers of sweet daily use of fruits and berries – just paradise. But Irisks, caramels and chewing gum are better not to allow the child.

4.          Accustom it to healthy food, making salads from fresh vegetables. The pantry of vitamins are potatoes, carrots, cabbage, beets and their juices. It is best to season salads with a small amount of olive oil.

5.          Try not to buy yogurts, because they have not the slightest benefit. The best option will be kefir or cottage cheese.

6.          For centuries, a fish remained an indispensable product. It can be consumed without restrictions. When buying, you should be extremely careful so that you will not suffer then because of a poor-quality product.   For a child, it will be best to use fillet or non -fat sea language.

7.          Buy eggs periodically. It is preferably boiled or in the form of an omelet.

8.          Sausage, although it is not the main product, you can give your child in small quantities. But only high -quality and expensive sausage.

9.          Very useful for children honey. Before buying, be sure to check on the label all the necessary information.

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