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15 rules of successful online dating Part 1

by womenbabe

If you do not have time to meet a man in a club, at a concert, exhibition, etc. D., This problem is now easy to solve by going to any Internet dating site. But if you have decided on this, then do not think that everything will be so simple, you will have to make some efforts to achieve the goal. Internet magazine Top-Women. ru will help with advice.  

1. You registered on the dating site, now you need to fill out the questionnaire. First of all, choose your photo, better a few. We all know the expression “men love with their eyes”. So pick up a photo where you can see you well. The photograph should be recent, so that then at the meeting your appearance would not be an unpleasant surprise for a man. If you, having filled out the questionnaire, have not posted a photo, you will either not write at all, or the first thing they will write after the greeting is the question “where is your photo?”.

2. In the questionnaire, try to write as much information as possible, indicate the purpose of dating, your interests, etc. D. This will make it possible to find your questionnaire using an extended search.

3. From the moment you register, your questionnaire will be on the first search pages, but over time it will be increasingly difficult to find. Therefore, try to devote to the Internet dating site exactly the evening when you registered. Site visitors are trying to write to those people who are online.

5. There is nothing shameful in the fact that you will be the first to write to men. Just do not need to be limited to a greeting or the question “How are you?” etc. Read the questionnaire of the person whom you decided to write, come up with an interesting question about his hobbies, you can praise or interest the interlocutor, comment on his photos.

6. Try to respond to messages correctly.

7. Show yourself as an interesting interlocutor. Try to find common interests, learn more about the field of activity of a man.  

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