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8 new spring images that will appeal to you

by womenbabe

The last time you went shopping with pleasure? Search for updates for the season Spring 2012 will be a real adventure for you, because this season there is so much attractive from bright colors to lace.   So, we present you 8 spring images that will like you.

Bright colors

Bright colors are one of the main fashion trends of this season. They are present everywhere, from pencil skirts, to accessories and shoes. Moreover, any bright color is suitable-neon pink, fluorescent orange, bright blue. The easiest way to wear bright things is to try classic clothing items – a cardigan or bag in bright colors. Moreover, the more classic the form, the brighter the color.


If you are ready to give your image of femininity and sexuality – lace is what you need. Choose a neutral color, such as cream, white, black. But remember that the meaning of lace is cute and sexual, not defiant. So don’t forget to put something under the bottom.


Flowers – Favorite of the spring season 2012. But this year, prints became smaller and sophisticated.


Shorts – the sexiest outfit of the fashion season of this spring. Shorts are good in everything, from costumes with this wardrobe item, to super sexy trousers, which, however, are nothing more than short shorts. If you are not yet ready to be exposed, try to wear shorts with a jacket or flower blouse.

Transparent fabric

The presence of cuts gives any image of chic. This season, transparency appears everywhere, both on the sleeves and on the skirts. But at the same time, you should still not expose the chest area, the best way to look sexy is to hint at the bare skin a bit.


Ready to transform? Then overalls for you. This season it is fashionable to wear this wardrobe item in black colors, it must look luxurious. What can I say if the overalls replaced the jumping dresses on the red carpet.

Color combination

Pay attention to dresses consisting of several colors. For example, those that create the illusion of a super chiseled figure – a red dress with black inserts on the sides – just that case. Can’t you fall in love with such an image?


Undoubtedly, the high heel will never go out of fashion. But in the spring fashion season of this year, the best choice is a wedge. Moreover, the shoes on the wedge are suitable for absolutely all fashion trends in spring 2012 – from lush skirts to shorts.

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