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Is it possible to smooth out the conflict on your own

by womenbabe

Your favorite creatures are your children. It is good when in the house peace and way, when there is complete understanding between the children, but often life in the house turns into a nightmare and your apartment becomes an arena of serious children’s conflicts. And then you have to think about how to prevent the development of such a relationship, how to smooth out the conflict, what are the reasons for the emergence of such situations.

The struggle for parental attention

Children always have a feeling of deprivation of parental attention. And if you really have the case in your house, then this is not for the benefit of a favorite and a child offended by attention. One feels in a special position, the other is difficult to worry about injustice. You must talk to them and explain the fallacy of their reasoning and prove it yourself, not words.


Quite normal life phenomenon when one stretches after another or tries to surpass it. This is generally a positive phenomenon, the desire for success. However, parents should not stimulate such rivalry, compare the successes of children, painfully pointing attention to this. Conflicts will not be long in coming.

Different age

This is a large field for the conflict, the elders condescendingly teach the younger ones, the boys show their physical superiority to girls, the weaker builds the elder. It is necessary to accustom children to respect and love for each other, to instill a warm relationship with brothers and sisters, to educate them uniting family spirit. To develop their confidence that thanks to brothers and sisters they always have the one who can be relying on. And this will not succeed immediately, perhaps only with the age of children.

Often the most desperate battles between children are nothing more than an attempt to attract the attention of parents to their person. They arise both from boredom or fun for the sake of, and they have nothing to do with a real conflict. You have not yet moved away from experiences about the conflict, and the children are already playing and laughing together.

Children’s aggression

This is a completely non -permissible thing, it is necessary to identify it in early forms preventing the development. A painstaking clarification of the inadmissibility of such behavior and communication is required. Children often copy the behavior of parents, analyze their communication with each other and your behavior. Perhaps that there may be the roots of their behavior. If necessary, do not avoid communication with the psychologist.

The situation in the house is completely dependent on you. Do not spare efforts to create a warm family atmosphere.

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