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Features and nuances of cooking flounder fish

by marusia

Cooking seafood has a lot of subtleties and nuances, which depend on what kind of fish you want to feed your household. How to cook flounder deliciously in a frying pan so that the fillet turns out juicy and the fish itself is well fried?

Following the tips and recommendations of experienced chefs, which are collected below, even a novice cook can prepare a healthy and tasty flounder dish.

Preparing the fish

Frying flounder in a frying pan will always be successful if you properly prepare the fish for heat treatment. Where to begin? By following these steps step by step, you will be 100% sure of an excellent result, which will be amazingly tasty, juicy and tender sea fish meat.

  1. To prevent fried flounder from becoming bitter, it must be properly cleaned. The dark part of the carcass has an unpleasant bitter taste, so that it does not spoil the finished dish, carefully remove the black film.
  2. Before preparing fresh or frozen fish, be sure to remove all the insides and cut off the fins and head.
  3. We clean the flounder from scales. This can be done quickly and efficiently if you move against the direction of growth and use a special knife for cleaning fish.
  4. We remove the thorns from the carcass, which are usually small in size.
  5. After all manipulations, be sure to wash the fish under running water.

Cooking flounder in a frying pan involves a number of nuances. For example:

  1. Before frying fish, rub it with lime or lemon to eliminate the specific fishy aroma.
  2. Dried lemongrass leaves can be added to vegetable oil for frying fish, which will give the finished dish an amazing aroma.
  3. When cutting fish, they try to cut it quite thinly and then salt it thoroughly.
  4. You can fry the whole flounder, but for this you choose small-sized fish. Large fish, as a rule, are first cut into portions, and then sent to the frying pan.
  5. If you plan to cook frozen fish rather than fresh, take the trouble to defrost it in advance on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Flounder fish fry quite quickly, so you need to heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan before cooking and cook the fish over maximum heat.

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