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Later motherhood the main problems

by womenbabe

Pregnancy is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a woman. It is during this period, when the baby develops in the stomach, the woman is beautiful as if before. Every lady is waiting for this. Modern mothers want to get on their feet first, to achieve constant income in order to provide the long -awaited baby with everything necessary. It is for this reason that pregnancy is postponed for a while.

Statistics show that pregnant women are women who in 35 years. Despite the fact that women look great for 30 and are in magnificent physical form, but the chances of fertilization are significantly reduced. From the point of view of physiology, this is completely rational, since the ovaries are also subjected to the aging process, this means that the egg becomes less effective than in youth. In general, the older the woman, the more difficult it is for her to get pregnant, because the egg becomes more difficult to gain a foothold in the uterine mucosa, which means that there are much more problems with the development of the fetus. The older the woman, the more problems and risks during pregnancy.

You should know that after 35 years the probability of developing chromosomal disorders increases sharply. The probability of miscarriage in the first trimester up to 30 years is 10%, after forty, each third pregnancy usually ends with a miscarriage and each second after 45 years. Among people, an opinion was rooted according to which an old -born woman is very risking. However, experienced gynecologists claim that this fact is greatly exaggerated. Experience shows that timely seeking a doctor and constant monitoring of the fetus and condition of the future mother will help minimize the risk. This means that a woman aged has the same chances of giving birth to a healthy child as a young woman in labor. Naturally, the doctor will have to show more attention for some points. Such complaints during pregnancy as nausea, dizziness, malaise, back pain, etc. D. found both young and in women aged with the same frequency.

The risk of gestosis during pregnancy after 35 increases. For comparison: at 20-30 years, every tenth lady needs medical care, but after 35 – every seventh. The probability of developing diabetes of pregnant women, as well as fibroids, increases after 35 years. It is the great age and weakness of the body that is the cause of myoma, which during pregnancy is growing intensively, preventing the intake of the nutrients necessary for the fetus, and often this is the cause of the incorrect position of the fetus.

Late pregnancy, in addition to the disadvantages, has one enormous advantage – emotional and mental readiness for the appearance of a child. As a rule, women are carefully prepared for this event in adulthood: they refuse bad habits, eat properly, play sports … They more vigilantly monitor all changes and turn to a specialist when any anxiety appears, listen to the opinion of experts. This is a significant plus, since this alignment allows you to diagnose problems in advance and, if necessary, provide the necessary assistance.

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