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9 things in you that he loves

by womenbabe

When you return from the gym. You think that the peak of your sexuality comes at the moment when you look like a doll – with makeup and pouting, he thinks the other way around – when you return from the gym, in sports pants and top, and it smells from you by no means flowers and not flowers and it smells of you fruits.   When you put on his linen. Why is the appearance of a female body sliding around a room in men’s boxers or a T -shirt brings them to a wild delight? Probably this is the primary animal instinct of possession, by the type of “she is mine”. Your not quite successful school photos. “Oh, horror,” you say, grabbing the picture from his hand, “Do not look at this nightmare”. But something that we do not know-it doesn’t matter how bad the hairstyle is, how terrible braces or something like that, in one they are 100% sure. This is that we would not pay any attention to them in those school years. How do you get along with children. Perhaps your companion does not yet know where your relationship is moving, and therefore nothing more scares him like conversations about children, a female magazine reports

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