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Beauty and health care for skin and nails

by womenbabe

Every woman seeks to be beautiful and young. Unfortunately, our hands, treacherously, often give out our age. Therefore, they require constant and careful attitude to themselves. This is especially true for the cold period of the year, when the hands are exposed to adverse environmental factors, cold and wind.

Let us dwell on a visit to the beauty salon and manicure, which every woman does, wanting to be well -groomed and beautiful. This necessary procedure should not be traumatic and safe in terms of infection. Therefore, you need to turn to experienced craftsmen, be interested in how manicure tools are processed, whether sterilization is carried out after each client, Top-Women reports. ru. Poorly processed tools, non -compliance with hygiene rules can have detrimental consequences for the client and master. If you like to build up nails or use invoices, you need to give time to relax to the nails and follow the care rules to avoid fungal diseases.

Our hands experience the effects of harmful substances containing chlorine, household chemicals, sun, cold and wind. Therefore, they need elementary gloves with a decrease in air temperature to +4, massage, moisturizing, nutrient and protective creams, masks, paraffin therapy, special baths (with sea salt, aromatic oils, with a decoction of herbs).

Hand procedures are similar to facial procedures -peeling, moisturizing and nutrition.

In summer – moisturizing creams, in winter – nutritious and protective creams. It is advisable to take into account the sunscreen factor.   Currently, a wide range of various cosmetic companies has been provided for us, which make it possible for everyone to choose the means at their discretion on the care of cuticles, nails and hands. Performing simple and pleasant procedures for hand and nail care, we will get a great result – beautiful, young and well -groomed handles.

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