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Changing the skin during pregnancy

by womenbabe

During pregnancy in women, along with other changes, the skin also changes. The appearance of these changes in each case is individually, they can be harbingers in the figure, or arise after.

Changes in the skin are due to an increase in body volume (that is, it is stretched), as well as hormonal restructuring. The echoes of blood due to an increase in its volume provoke a blush on the cheeks, and other areas where there are many blood vessels. The work of the subcutaneous glands is enhanced. So, a pregnant woman swears more, the production of the pigment with pigmented glands, fat produced by the sebaceous glands increases.

In addition to the blush, stains of yellowish or brownish color can also occur on the face, they appear due to the enhanced production of the melanin pigment. Acne can also appear in women during pregnancy. It cannot be taken against this problem, since they can have a negative effect on the child, Top-Women reports. ru.   Shortly after childbirth, they must disappear.

Freckles, moles that a woman had before pregnancy, can become larger, moles – become darker, but after childbirth they will become the same, unlike the nipples and circles around them, which, most likely, will remain like that. If moles with uneven edges or too convex, you need to consult about this with the doctor.

Palms, feet at a certain stage of pregnancy can scratch and blush. Redness will disappear in itself after childbirth a few months later. This phenomenon during pregnancy is called “Ladno Erythema”. In places where the skin rubs against clothes or skin (on the neck, under the armpits, chest), small growths may occur – papillomas. They also disappear shortly after childbirth.

The capillaries during pregnancy are more noticeable, protrude in connection with an increasing volume of blood, as well as hormones. They disappear a little longer, and some (on the feet, on the body) may remain after childbirth.

A dark line on the stomach, pimples on the stomach, buttocks, hips and limbs can also appear also, prickly.

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