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Choose a name for a child

by womenbabe

Human name is inextricably linked with him throughout life. Since ancient times, people knew that the name of a person is not just a set of sounds, it contains a deep meaning and often determines the fate of a person.

In the old days in Rus’, infants were called names in strict accordance with the holy. Church laws did not allow shown self -will in choosing a name for a child.   After 1917, when the church lost its power in our country, parents began to give names to children at their request, and sometimes in pursuit of fashion. Since at that time no state requirements for names existed, often in the names, individual letters were changed, the names were arbitrarily recorded, without suspecting that they change not only the name, but also change its meaning, thereby changing the fate of a person. As a result, many people with old -fashioned, and sometimes ridiculous names, which, becoming adults, changed their names, having passed a simple procedure.   And few of them realized that in the morning he woke up with another fate.

Nowadays, not all parents are aware of the entire measure of responsibility for choosing a name for a child. But in each name there is a certain life program, according to which the child will live. Therefore, when choosing a name to our children, it is important to understand that thereby we, as it were, lay the foundation of their future fate.

A good expert in the interpretation of names can, without even meeting with a person, only by his name, tell almost everything about his life. Scientists have proven that the name of a person is firmly connected by an invisible thread with his character, lifestyle, hobbies, choice of profession.   Therefore, think well, choosing the name of your child, so that a successfully selected name helps your child success in life, build harmonious relationships with the outside world and people, live in harmony with yourself surrounded by friends.

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