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Classification of fabrics what to pay attention to when choosing

by womenbabe

This century is pleased with the variety of fabrics and its shades. Few people know that in fact its most basic species are only two. These are natural fabrics and obtained by artificially.

Natural fabrics include precisely those for which, for which, either fur or some plants, is artificial, include only products obtained by chemical treatments. The main raw material for the manufacture of natural fabrics is cotton, which is extracted from plants. Chiffon, chintz and denim are made from this material.

No less popular is knitted fabric, which has many good properties, one of which is its extensibility. This fabric stretches in absolutely any direction. This type of fabric is quite comfortable and practical.

Linen fabrics. This fabric is valuable in that it can absorb moisture well, despite the fact that it is a breathable. Light blouses, summer sundresses and trousers are made from this fabric.

Velvet. Noble and expensive fabric. This fabric with a pile on the front side will look profitable on any lady, velvet can even be brilliant and plush, with various patterns and prints. Velvet is used not only for sewing stylish clothes, but also for furniture upholstery.

Chiffon. Summer, air and transparent fabric, which is suitable for girls who want to show the charms of their figure. This type of fabric is very common, thin and transparent shawls and scarves are made from it.

Satin fabric. This delicate silk fabric with intertwined threads, this fabric has two sides: the front side is shiny with the tint, the wrong one has a matte shade.

Synthetics. This fabric is a cheap substitute for high -quality and expensive fabrics. Rather strong fabric, resistant to washing at high temperature.

There are also combined fabrics that consist of several types of fibers, for example: a combination of a atlas and soft velor.

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