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Crochet cap in the style of the 30s for beginners

by womenbabe

Of course, to master the basics of crochet, you need to start with napkins, the schemes of which are a lot on the Internet. For example, I decided to learn how to knit, I bought the easiest hook of about 2 mm. And the threads of Iris. But, having experimented with them, I realized that the hook is too thick and the threads are too thin.

Therefore, my advice to you: at the first stages of the development of crochet, buy thick cotton threads so that the patterns and loops are visible to you and their original form. Thin threads are twisted, curled up and the pattern is not visible, especially when it is not yet mastered.

Where to start in crochet?

1) for clarity – a hook 2 mm and threads of the x/b. First, just train. As in the school in the prescriptions they wrote one letter in a row for a whole line. So you – knit a row with one loop, then another row. Let the hand get used to it, and the fingers will master the movements. When you have a small square from one type of loops in your hands, you will feel that you can easily cope. I had such squares at one time in the apartment in a variety of places. 2) Then tie a napkin, only be sure to cotton thick threads, pick up the hook for them so that it tightly and entirely clasps the thread when knitting. 3) When you have a whole mountain – simple and complex napkins, you can tie the first clothing item. I had it a hat. I really like such hats, in the style of the 30s. At first she thought like a hat with fields. But having tied the openwork fields, I realized that the product is more like a night cap. In this connection, the fields were dissolved and the hat remained a hat, which turned out to be even better. Subsequently, she traveled with me abroad to the hot seas, where she was very useful. I made the crown more closed to save from the sun, and closer to my forehead, knitting becomes openwork. Since the hat is white, the sun’s rays do not attract. This is how she looks closer.

Probably blondes would not fit too much, but the drawing is more visible on dark hair.

So, the crown was connected by an ordinary crochet loop, that is, tightly. Further, as can be seen in the photo, there is a kind of trilian. Knitting scheme of such a picture is very simple.

Further, where the flowers begin, there is a more complex drawing with a file viscous with the use of facial and wrong loops.

And then, again a pattern of a triliary, only with a slightly large size of petals. For the integrity of the picture, the last rows are tied with a dense pattern, and the finish (I don’t remember exactly) something like that ..

Thus, a small ruff was obtained, which at will be made wider, or already.

Note: how to make knitting in a circular and reduce loops?

To arrange all these schemes in a hat, you need to knit in a circle. Trying on, you will see how much you need to reduce, or increase. But, I advise you to take the existing panama, or any hat, so that it is also measured. To reduce the loops is very simple. This must be done at the stage of scheme 1 – trilian. To expand knitting – we knit two columns into one loop, and to narrow – from the nasty – we skip one loop and knit the column next to it.

I really like the cap. For the undertaking it is very simple, but I wear it for almost three years as.

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