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The marriage is undoubtedly an important event in the life of every man and every woman. Marriages made marriages from time immemorial, the wedding ceremony was replenished with various customs, endlessly transformed and modified until it acquired the current form.

The rite with engagement rings was presented to us by the ancient Egyptians, for whom the vicious circle symbolized the eternity, happiness and fortress of marital bonds. Antiquities we owe traditions to sleep newlyweds with coins, cereals and hops, as well as the custom of the wedding pie bake.

But in ancient Rome, guests at the end of the wedding broke a bread tortilla made of salty dough with honey over the bride’s head so that wealth would come to the newly created family, and the guests who picked up the crumbs expected. In England, in the Middle Ages, this custom was modified, and the guests folded the brought pies to the center of the table, making a mountain out of them, and the bride and groom had to kiss her so as not to ruin this building. The kisses of the young “in public” also had sacred meaning, symbolizing the strong and inextricable relationships of the bride and groom.

The tradition of the appearance of wedding costumes is interesting. For example, wedding dresses were considered red or pink dresses. And the white dress symbolized prosperity and joy, and not virginity and immaculate, as they believe now. Only in the XVII century, according to the unponated data, the Queen of England Victoria, or maybe Anna Austrian, introduced a white dress in the bride in fashion.

And the ancient Romans Fata that we got from the wedding cover is indeed evidence. Therefore, the ladies who were married do not wear a veil, preferring to her various types of hats. The wreath of the bride was also considered ritual, which was weaved from plants that had witchcraft power. Such a wreath could not be thrown away. After the wedding celebration, he became a family relic and was carefully stored.

The facts regarding the groom’s outfit are also interesting. A mandatory attribute of his costume was considered a flower or a budonier that was attached to the coil loop. This element also gave us the Middle Ages. Since the Knight, who, leaving on a hike, pinned the emblem on his chest, consonant with the color of the dress of his lady of the heart, the tradition of choosing one of the flowers, consonant with the colors in the bouquet of the bride still preserved.

Wedding is very important in the life of everyone and therefore it is necessary to do everything possible so that the holiday is excellent. To do this, you can buy many things in a special store and arrange for previously a wedding focus with things and accessories. After you will be happy to remember every moment of this day.

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