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Crochet summer hat

by womenbabe

We have already knitted a summer openwork hat with crochet. But how rich your fantasy is, there is no limit to perfection. The idea of ​​this summer openwork hat suddenly came. Mom asked to portray an openwork summer panama for her. But the panama is summer to protect from the sun. Therefore, it was decided to make it double. It knits very easy. And, even given its two -layer, it turns out not hot. Again, depending on what threads you will choose. For such a summer hat I chose a fairly thin thread of viscose and cotton.

So, a summer openwork hat with a crochet with a scheme, to your attention.

By the way, it turned out very flirty. I liked it myself. Apparently, at the expense of the sides with which you can freeze.

I started knitting it from the bottom layer. Crochet the most common circuit of a circular knit circle with a crochet with a crochet (the main loops and crochet columns read here). Or a column with two crochets, depending on how much a light hat you want to get. That is, the “basis” is initially knitted – a simple hat crochet. Next, the sides of the future summer panama are knitted. I knit them here according to this scheme.

You can make from how much you want wide. The wider they will be, the more your panama will be like a summer hat with a crochet.

Когда основа с бортиками готова (именно цельная, а не по частям), вяжем «украшение» — кружевную часть. We also use a circular cap of knitting only using such a pattern.

Moreover, here we take into account that the upper part (openwork) should be slightly wider than the bottom in order to climb on it without problems. It turns out in the end we have a double hat. The upper openwork part is knitted without sides (we already have them), but just at the junction with the sides and ends.

Then the two parts are connected. If desired, you can decorate the hat with a brooch, or knitted flower. It turns out and beautifully – openwork and weightless, as well as with sun protection, which is very important in the summer.

Successful undertakings.

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