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Diet on holidays

by womenbabe

Do not sit on a diet before the holidays, it is better to do it after them. At the festive table you will have a completely festive mood, if on the holiday you decide that there will be enough diet from you, then with a sense of moral satisfaction you will absorb high -calorie dishes and the body exhausted by a diet will lay fats with doubled enthusiasm. Observing the diet on holidays, try " outwit" situation. It is best – to invite guests to yourself, a menu from festive dishes can be thought up from low -calorie products. During a festive dinner, the hostess will be occupied by guests, and not absorption of food. No need to miss lunch in front of a festive dinner, low -calorie dishes (vegetables, veal) will be indispensable for lunch, and half a dinear yourself with fruits or yogurt. During a festive dinner, try to communicate a lot with friends or relatives, which is a great way to distract from the plate. Dance more, take part or organize competitions, which will allow you to burn " eaten" calories and do not use unnecessary. But what about alcoholic drinks? Wine can be drunk in combination with water. Pour yourself in one glass of wine, into the other – water. Water will help you evaluate the subtlety of your favorite drink bouquet, drink champagne slowly, in small sips. Rejoice in the holidays and follow the diet. Good luck!

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