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Dreams in our life

by womenbabe

Dreams undoubtedly play an important role in human life, because we sleep one third of our life.   By definition of a dream, these are thoughts, paintings, images that arise in a person during sleep and often in order, for example, to find out what water can be addressed to Sonniu.   By research of scientists, you can determine the sleeping person sleep or not. When a person sees a dream, his pupils are moving quickly under the centuries.   For an eight -hour dream, dreams account for about two hours. Most people sleep in this mode.

But people are especially interested in, whether dreams foresee the future, what role they play in our lives?!

The Babylonians, for example, trusted dreams so much that on the eve of making important decisions, they slept in the temples hoping to get an answer.   Egyptians made up books for interpretation of dreams.   And the Greeks, wanting to master the science of healing, slept in the temples of Asclepy, the pagan god of medicine.

Science in this regard has not come to a consensus.   Theories of psychologists diverge from the scientific works of neurophysiologists. Scientists of Harvard University express the opinion that the meaning of sleep is determined by the beliefs of who saw him, and not the content of sleep itself. But each psychiatrist will interpret the dream in its own way, depending on what theory he adheres to: Freud’s followers will interpret it from the point of view of the confrontation of the sexes, the followers of Jung will see hidden internal motives, and the very assumption that there is some kind of psychological meaning will cause a sharp criticism neurophysiologists.   A simple layman will think about a portraying dream only in anticipation of some events, and if the events do not occur, they will forget about sleep easily.

So many theories, assumptions and opinions suggests that such a process in the human body as a dream has not been studied, but, therefore, draw conclusions or unequivocally trust the unreleased visions of the human brain.

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