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Eat men in a circle and you will be slimmer

by womenbabe

Now scientists are trying to find many different ways how to easily and quickly lose weight. But, as they do not try, they still come to the same conclusion that people who want to lose weight need to strictly monitor their nutrition.      Oddly enough, but the amount of food eaten depends on which environment you are in. In Hamilton, scientists were conducted by one interesting observation of two groups of students from different higher institutions. At the end of the experiment, the conclusion was unexpected, even for the experts themselves, it turns out that women eat less if the company has men. Women in the presence of men eat portions much less and choose not too fatty food.   Oddly enough, but if the meal takes place in a large male company, then the fair sex consumes much less calories. Oddly enough, in the female environment, women allow themselves to eat much more calories than in the presence of the stronger sex. Experts explain this by the fact that women subconsciously limit themselves from food in the circle of men, as they always strive for harmony. But men do not limit themselves in the intake and quantity of food eaten, wherever they are.

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