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Electronic cigarettes as a way to get away from tobacco

by womenbabe

In recent years, it has become very popular to smoke electronic cigarettes. According to many people, this is a harmless replacement for ordinary cigarettes. In this article we will try to find out if this.

In fact, soaring, this is what the process of using electronic cigarettes is called, not a safe alternative to smoking, but since the harm of soaring devices has not yet been proven, it is generally accepted that they are much less harmful than tobacco. In fact, this is so. After all, with smoking, many harmful substances are entered into the light smoker, the number of which exceeds four thousand. When soaring, such substances enters tens, or even hundreds of times less. After all, liquids for electronic cigarettes consist of 5 components: nicotine, flavors, propylene glycol, glycerin and water. And you can buy liquid for cigarettes with greater benefit than a pack of cigarettes.

In fact, nicotine and water, optional components. The steamers gradually leave from nicotine, lowering the fluid strength to 0 mg nicotine per ml. It is nicotine that is the most harmful in liquids, since all other components are actively used in the food industry. All people consume products that include flavorings, or in the production of which propylene glycol or glycerin were used. Thus, ordinary cigarettes are many times more harmful than electronic.

We figured out the harm for health, but whether the soaring helps to throw cigarettes helps? Here the question is somewhat more complicated, however, as statistics shows, when switching to steam, most people completely quit smoking tobacco products. Moreover, subsequently, lowering the strength of nicotine, they completely leave dependence and stop even steaming. The bulk of those people who returned to cigarettes after soaring, those people who have acquired poor -quality devices who are unable to fully provide the necessary dosage of nicotine.

Disposable electronic cigarettes will never save the smoker from addiction, this is only a waste of money. Good devices include those that have a power of 20-30 watts. The price depends on the purchase site. In ordinary stores, the price of them is from three thousand rubles, in foreign online stores you can buy for one and a half thousand rubles.

It is also necessary to buy a liquid tank and constantly buy the liquid separately, but such costs are much lower than the price for the device. Many people who switched to soaring noticed for themselves that fluid expenses are much less than the costs of cigarettes. Thus, by summing up, you can understand at least three pleasant bonuses of the transition from cigarettes to steam: reducing harm to health, getting rid of bad habit, savings.

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