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We remove wen on the face with a garlic mixture

by womenbabe

Subcutaneous education called Zhirovik (Lipoma) is a fat tumor (benign), which can form at any age, both women and men. After removing the wen on the face, scars often remain.

In the initial stage, wen on the face, as a rule, remain unnoticed. In its original form, it looks like ordinary skin inflammation, manifesting in a slight seal, and then can grow from 1 mm to 10 cm.

Lipoma is not dangerous for health, but they create cosmetic discomfort on the face, since many consider their appearance to the result of unaesthetics. There are cases when a harmless wen, if measures were not taken to remove it, was reborn into liposarcoma.

The reasons from which the wen appears from are still not clarified and cause disputes, but one thing is clear – it is impossible to prevent their appearance. A small lipoma can be attributed to a cosmetic defect, but a large wen already squeezes the vessels, thereby violating blood circulation in the tissues, which can provoke their inflammation and wrap it with more serious troubles.

How to get rid of wen

To increase blood circulation in the location of the wen, you need to rub the gruel from garlic with vegetable or olive oil within a week. As a result, its inner capsule will resolve, and the wen will disappear. A similar effect can be achieved if you apply a gauze impregnated with Kalanchoe juice for a day, you can apply a whole leaf by removing a protective film from it.

The main thing is to prevent an increase in the wen, otherwise you will have to get rid of it only through surgical intervention.

Many use nettle tinctures as compresses for problem areas. If there are several wen, but they are already large enough, you can try to get rid of them using fresh celandine juice. After the hole appears in the wen, to release the contents of the wen, the ointment of Vishnevsky or aloe juice is used. Unfortunately, after such a procedure, scars remain, which over time become less noticeable.

Very often, wen “choose” places where the skin is delicate – under the eyes or on the eyelids. The above methods cannot be used here, and to “soft” ways to get rid of lipoma is not easy, but possible. Here is one of the methods: daily for 10 minutes you need to gently rub the melted ram of fat into the skin of the eyelids. The result may appear on the 8-10th day.

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