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Fundamentals of the general strengthening massage

by womenbabe

Nowadays, among stresses and continuous students, it is necessary to be able to properly relax. Of course, everyone can have any their own individual way of leisure, but there is a vacation option that, without a doubt, is suitable for absolutely everyone – this is a massage. For millennia, people have created a variety of massage methods, today there are a lot of salons providing services for every taste. Experts, as a rule, performing massage, use natural compositions donated by nature itself. Perhaps the most famous of such extraordinary compositions can be called bee honey. Can also be used as relaxation or correction of the LPG figure, which uses a vacuum-roller method.

Honey is used as for massage of individual parts of the body, the whole body is still directly. The beginning of massage work with individual parts of the body should be preceded by a general massage, so that it does not work out a rush of blood to some sections more than to the rest.

For a general type of massage, it is advisable to put into business only natural honey – thickened or liquid.

This massage is performed with the base or edge of the palm. You can use two hands. Of course, with the manifestation of uncomfortable unpleasant sensations, the massage session should be completely stopped. Sometimes, at the first session, quite pain can occur, but they decrease with each next massage session, in this connection they do not need to be very afraid.

Having applied a layer of honey on the body, it is necessary to rub it into the surface of the skin with classic techniques with plastic movements. Having carefully performed the warm -up of the body, the well -known techniques of classic massage are perfect for it, it is possible to slightly enhance the effect. Movements should be stronger. Different slags removed from the body should be removed with a clean towel or scarf, and the patient goes to the shower, after which some cream should be applied to the body.

Thanks to this type of massage, osteochondrosis, otitis, hernias, skin and cardiovascular diseases can be treated with acute and chronic bronchitis diseases.

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