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Growing and caring for diphenbachia

by womenbabe

Women usually grow many plants on the windowsills of their apartment. We will talk in an article about the tropical plant – Dieffenbachia. About what are the requirements for caring for this plant, how to take into account its growth and development.

If you have acquired such a plant for yourself, then you need to try to comply with some rules for the care of the plant. Only this will give you the opportunity to grow not only a healthy, but also a beautiful flower. By the way, if you are interested in a transplant of Dieffenbachia, go to, here you will find detailed information on this plant.

Lighting and watering

In order for the flower to have sufficient lighting, it is placed on the sunny side, but the rays should not be straight. Even in winter, this plant can develop well in the shade, if there is additional lighting except sunlight.


This flower has its own distinctive features. He loves heat, if we talk about the temperature regime in the apartment, then it should not be, below 18 degrees in the winter, but in the summer up to 24 degrees.

It also happens that in winter the temperature can drop to 14 degrees. You can not worry, since the flower will not die, but this may necessarily affect its appearance. Lower leaves usually become yellow.

Some people think that the flower needs heat and place it in heating devices. This cannot be allowed in any case. The plant loves only clean and fresh air. In the summer, some women take the flower on the balcony and put it in the shade. The main thing here is that there are no big drafts.

These drafts are especially negative on the plant. The flower can quickly die and signals this yellowing and falling of the leaves. If you want to ventilate the room, it is best to remove the flower for a while from the balcony.

If you decide to water Dieffenbachia, then there is also a rule that must be observed. For example, you should not do this very often, although the plant loves moisture, but with constant watering, the roots can be rotten, which can lead to the death of the flower. Before starting to water the flower, you need to give the opportunity to stand and remember that the soil should only be wet.

It can be added that this plant like everyone loves to be regularly fed, especially this must be done during periods of its growth. In winter, you can do this every month, and in the summer every two weeks.

To do this, in stores they sell a special composition, which is recommended for flowers. It has the content of nitrogen organics. If this is not done, then we can expect the dumping of the lower leaves by the plant and the exposure of the barrel.

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