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How the work of our body on immunity depends

by womenbabe

Every day we walk along the street and don’t even think about how much around us around us, invisible to the human eye – viruses, bacteria, microbes and other variety of living microorganisms in their unimaginable amount. It’s even scary to imagine that in a cubic meter of the soil of living various organisms lives as much as people on Earth, and in the cubic meter of air up to a million. Many do not even know that trillions of microbes live in our intestines, because our intestines have its own microflora, as well as in plants and animals. Scary, even about how many microbes surround us. Living microorganisms multiply very quickly, which is the most dangerous, among them there are pathogens of dangerous diseases.

What serves as a protection from all this diverse living world? Of course immunity. Without it, there would be no living organisms, including you and me. As soon as bacteria and microorganisms dangerous for us fall into our body, immune cells (their three types: macrophages, T – lymphocytes and, in lymphocytes) Macrophages capture and devour them, according to the data

Immunodeficiency can occur as a result of stress, overwork, infections, insufficient amounts of vitamins received by the body (especially during pregnancy, when the fetal immunity is formed), this can later lead to frequent diseases that can develop into chronic diseases. Arthritis, radiculitis, diseases (not all) of liver, kidneys, nervous system and many others can occur as a result of autoimmune disorder, this is when our immunity instead of defending ourselves from foreign organisms, attacks its own.

Allergies are also a disorder of the immune system. It would seem that I drank a pill and that’s it, there is no allergy. How – it would be wrong. If you do not look for the cause of the occurrence and do not treat this disorder, otherwise it will lead to irreversible consequences, for example, asthma, which means restrictions on work and the constant use of the inhaler.

All these disorders can be fought by resorting to immun.

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