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How to effectively develop a hearing in a child, we form a speech

by womenbabe

For the normal operation of the phonemic system, it is necessary to definitely distinguish all the sounds of speech by ear and correctly reproduce them. People with hearing loss are not able to perceive the entire range of sound waves because of which the auditory differentiation of the sounds of speech worsens. In addition to this, children still lag in the development of the verbal analyzer due to the poor quality of the signals coming from the auditory nerve endings.

Speech formation

The formation of speech, the correctness of the pronunciation of an extremely complex process, the child needs to learn to decipher the words addressed to it and reproduce the answer using his speech apparatus.

The pronunciation is formed and honed thanks to communication. Restriction of communication leads to delayed speech development.

Human speech is very complicated in structure and is not available more than a single biological appearance except for a person. In order to master the speech, the child has to actively train brain systems and speech apparatus for several years from birth.

The complexity of the perception of speech lies in the different pronunciation of the same words, the same sounds in the pronunciation of different people have different sounds. The child needs to learn how to extract the invariant signs of phonemes from the variety of sounding of the same words. Otherwise, the child will not be able to distinguish words or identify them as identical. Hearing impairment leads to the fact that the child does not use some sounds incorrectly or uses irregular articulation. For speech therapists, these phenomena are called replacement, mixing and distortion of sounds.

The purpose of speech therapy classes

The main goal of speech therapy effects in sound pronunciation defects is to form the skills of proper pronunciation of sounds. The following skills must be developed:

– recognize sounds and not mix them in consciousness;

– distinguish between normal pronunciation of sound from non -normal;

– control your own pronunciation of sounds and evaluate the quality of pronunciation;

– properly use sound in various types of speech;

– Use the correct articulation.

To achieve success, a speech therapist needs to make contact with the child, provide a favorable emotional and psychological situation, interest the child, arouse curiosity in it, organize classes in such a way as to avoid the monotony and fatigue of the child.

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