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How to get tired or the main trends of the season autumn winter 2012 2013

by womenbabe

It seemed yesterday, they chose swimwear on the fashionable to impress all the guys on the beach, but the summer was over. Autumn occurs and she, as the hero of the one famous series Barney Steinson, will say: “Take a priest!”. Well, how to disobey.

I remembered Barney for nothing. It was he who, over the seven seasons of the series “How I Met Your Mom”, fed to impose love for costumes that he adored everyone. Apparently among the designers there are many fans of this series, since all the trends of the autumn-winter 2012-2013 season I proclaim a certain cult of masculinity.   In the fall, they will be in fashion – men’s costumes. Moreover, the stricter the costume, the better. Pants with a pipe with a clear ironed arrow, as well as slightly baggy jackets will be the main trend of the season. Do not rush to throw shorts and breeches. They are still more than relevant, especially woolen. In addition to everything in fashion again and again men’s hats. Multi -layer in clothes, is also traced in all collections, up to the skirts on top of the trousers. And if the latter repeats in the conditions of our daily realities is almost impossible. Then it will be quite relevant, say, to put on a long vest under the jacket, which will give a strict image a certain romance and a charming shade of carelessness.

Color furs will become insanely popular. At the same time, a variety of shades. Apparently, the gods of fashion decided to take pity on flirty women who do not want to show character, convicting men’s clothes, but want to show their bright and sexy personality. But, unfortunately many, this is where all sexuality ends. Very little fitted silhouettes are dominated by baggy and unpretentious sweaters. Most of the dresses shown on the main catwalks of the Parisian week of the fashion were more likely to be minimalistly simple than exquisite. A kind of outlet can be found in shoes – sophisticated forms, a sharp toe and a high heel remind us that a woman even in her husband’s costume should remain a captivating lady. The bags, on the contrary, are very large: large bags of postmen, bags, bagels, which are worth wearing only in the hand, and not over the shoulder.

It is difficult to say how Lovelas Barney reacted to a woman dressed from the last collection of Karl Lagerfeld. I think it is unlikely that she struck him with her frankness, well, certainly did not leave him indifferent. Not because she came up with a suit, but because she is mysterious and impregnable. There is some charm in a weak woman in which everything and even her clothes speaks of the strength of the spirit.

In addition to shopping, you can create clothes for yourself. If you choose sewing costumes to order, then in the end you will receive a unique design that you will only have. And if you come to the party in this form, then you will amaze everyone.

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